A full-depth article on how you can change your chromecast wifi connection.

Tryna change your chromecast wifi connection but you don’t know how to? The best thing about having a Chromecast is that you can carry it anywhere you want as it comes in a size almost as small as a pen drive. Suppose you wanna watch Youtube or Netflix and chill at your friend’s house in a sleepover and you plug in your Chromecast into the HDMI port of the TV but you end up seeing an error message looking for a different Wifi connection and asking you to change it. Or you changed your password or you simply bought a new router. In scenarios like these, you surely need a guide for beginners which shows you step-by-step on how you can change your Chromecast Wifi Connection. So in this guide of ours, we have gathered everything in full-depth on how you can change and reconfigure your Chromecast Wifi connection in a few minutes. Simply using the Chromecast app and your Android/IOS device. So without any further ado, lets jump straight into the points.

A full-depth article on how you can change your chromecast wifi network

How To Change Chromecast Wifi (Method 1: Using the Google Home Application)

This is a method which you can use using any Android or IOS device. Either your tablet, iPhone or iPad, anything that supports the Google Home application. Make sure you have your Bluetooth option on if you are using an IOS device.

Download and install the Google Home application. Either from Google Play or from the Apple App store.

Google Home Application for Chromecast

Then go to Google Home application. Click on the top left option in the corner with three stripes.

The top left corner with three stripes on youtube

After that, you will see this option named “devices” and then simply go to the devices option. Then click on the three dots on the top right corner of your current chromecast connection, for example, the name of my chromecast connection is “Living Room”.

Three dots on the top right of your chromecast connection

After doing that, you will see the settings option pop up once you click it. Then click on settings and after that, you will see Wi-Fi option over there with the name of your wifi connection labeled underneath. Click on that and after that, click on the “Forget This Network” option.

The forget this option in the google home application

Then again go to the top left corner option with three stripes then again to the devices option.

Scroll to the bottom. Then click on “Add a new device”.

Adding your new wifi connection to chromecast

And then you will see this notification as “Turn On Bluetooth To Allow Google Home To Connect To Accessories”. From there go to your wifi setting on your device (either on your Ipad/Iphone/tablet/Android device). Connect to your Chromecast Wifi connection (The name of the wifi connection of your chromecast.

Then go back to the Google Home application. You will see the new set up process.

After that you can you can change your new chromecast device’s name and set up your chromecast with a new wireless wifi network. Just enter your new password and you can easily connect in a few minutes.


Image Credits: Youtube

How To Change Your Chromecast Wifi (Method 2: By Factory Reset)

This is another process which you can implement to change your chromecast wifi connection. It’s by factory resetting everything and restarting chromecast as if it’s new. So without a further ado, let’s jump straight into the process.

First of all, you will see a small reset button beside your chromecast port. So you connect your chromecast either to your TV or any device that supports an HDMI cable. Then you press the reset button for a few seconds, initially, you will see a red/orange LED light flashing up but you press and hold it until you see a white LED light flashing up.

White LED light flashing up after pressing the reset button on Chromecast

So after that, you connect your chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV. Then you can double check if it has connected properly or not by clicking on the input/source option on your remote to check whether the chromecast has plugged into your HDMI port properly or not. If you see any of your HDMI port highlighted, it means you have inserted it correctly.

Press enter on the highlighted HDMI port.

After that, you will see a screen saying you to download the Google Home Application. So you download the Google Home Application. Then turn on the Bluetooth option on your device (Only if you are an IOS user).

From there you can set up Chromecast easily. You can either change your chromecast device name if you want to or even change your wifi connection from there.

And by following these steps you will have successfully switched your chromecast wifi connection.

Image Credits: Youtube


Changing your Chromecast wifi connection is pretty easy and won’t take you much time. You can follow the process step-by-step and successfully change the wifi network in a matter of few minutes.

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