A full depth article on how you can check your saved wifi password on Mac

A Wi-Fi password can be something which is pretty hard to remember sometimes on your Mac device. And if you wanna check your saved wifi password on Mac, then this guide is surely made for you. You might be a type of a person who uses a long wifi password to keep your network secured and eventually forget your password after a few months. It’s not your fault if you forget your Wi-Fi password as you always have your it saved on your Desktop/Laptop/Smartphone and no longer have to worry about memorizing it. I remember once when I was on my MacBook Air 2011 edition and I had one of our family friends come over at home and he asked me for the Wi-Fi password. I simply couldn’t recall my Wi-Fi password and give him that. In scenarios like these, you surely need to find your password on your Mac device.

In this guide of ours, we are going to show you step by step how you can check your saved Wi-Fi password using your Macbook or your iMac in a few minutes and no longer have to worry about memorizing these long and secured Wi-Fi passwords. So without a further ado, lets jump straight into the process.

How To Check Your Wi-Fi Password On Mac (Using keychain access)

Keychain access is a special feature in Mac OS which saves almost all sorts of saved keys inside your MacBook/iMac. It can vary differently, either for websites, your saved wifi passwords, email passwords, bank details and PINs (personal identity verification) etc. If you ever forget other sorts of data/passwords in other than your wifi password someday in a different scenario, then the keychain access can surely come in handy.

Double check twice and know the name of your Wifi connection properly before starting the process. For example, the name of my wifi connection is “Annoying Upstairs Wifi”, then I double check the name and spelling of it properly as it will come in useful in the upcoming steps.

Properly the name of your wifi connection on your MacBook/iMac

Then go the spotlight search option (The magnifying glass icon on the right of the menu). After going to the spotlight search option. Type “Keychain Acess” and click return to open that.

type keychain access to check your Wi-Fi password on mac

You will then see a small search box on the top right. Type the name of your Wi-Fi connection saved on your Mac device. You will see the name of your Wi-Fi connection appear after that and then double-click it.

type the name of your wifi connection and click on it

Then you will see a small checkbox labeled as “show password”. Then you click the checkbox and it will ask you for a password. You simply enter the regular password which you use to log into your Mac device.

Type the name of your regular password

After you type the password, click “OK” and you get your Wi-Fi password instantly.

you will see your saved wi-fi password appear on your mac device

Well you can also try

Suppose you stored all your saved wifi passwords inside a saved notepad file or a word document. Then you mistakenly delete that file someday and you wanna recover it. You can use this software known as “Disk Drill” which is a data recovery software which helps you find any deleted document easily on your Macbook or your iMac.

So you have to firstly download Disk Drill at first. You can download it by clicking on this link here.

Pick the drive you wanna recover your file from. Then they will scan it for a few minutes or so.

select the drive from which you wanna recover your files

After that you can select the files you wanna recover.

Select the files you wanna recover from disk drill

You can recover any other sort of deleted data from Disk Drill as well. So yeah, it is no doubt a software which will come in handy if you delete any important file in the future.

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Finding your saved Wifi-password on your Mac is pretty easy and won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

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