How To Clear Clipboard On Windows 10

How on Earth do I clear clipboard on Windows 10? This is a question which has been asked by thousands of Windows 10 users online for quite some time and today in this guide of ours we have the perfect solution to it.

Well, why do you have to clear your clipboard in the first place? The thing is that once you cut or copy something on your computer that thing is saved on your clipboard until or unless you don’t cut or copy something new. This can be for several different reasons in different scenarios. Suppose you had copied or cut something on your clipboard (It can either be some text, images, files or even programs etc) and you no longer want it to be saved in your clipboard as you are afraid that someone might use your computer steal your programs/data saved on your clipboard and it might cause you some damage.

No doubt that we have an extremely easy solution to this tiny problem of yours and we are gonna show you step by step on how you can clear clipboard on windows 10.

Method 1 (Shutdown Or Restart Your Computer)

Yea, this is pretty simple but you can simply shutdown or restart your computer and your computer will erase any data stored on your clipboard. But don’t put your computer into the sleep mode, you have to either shut it down or restart it.

Method 2 (Try Copying something else)

Your clipboard won’t be able to remember or store everything you copied in the whole period while you use your computer. It can only save only the data you copied newly and will forget the previous data if you copy something new. So you can simply copy something new either another new random file or a small line of a random word document. Simply type something in Microsoft Word, either a letter or a line and copy it and your clipboard will erase the previous data it copied.

Method 3 (Creating A Shortcut Command To Clear Clipboard On Windows 10)

You can also get help from Windows to clear clipboard by yourself. You can do it by using the command prompt. So without wasting any additional time, lets jump straight into the process.

Firstly, go to search and type “command prompt” or “cmd” and then you will see this desktop app labeled as “command prompt”. So you left click it and it opens you a new tab.

Open Command prompt or cmd to clear clipboard on Windows 10

Then in the command prompt, type the following command to clear clipboard:

echo off | clip

Type the following command in the command prompt to clear clipboard on Windows 10

Press enter and then you can clear the command prompt of your clipboard easily.

But this process is too time-consuming if you wanna clear clipboard multiple times throughout your day. So you can create a shortcut for it. In this guide of ours we are also gonna show you step by step on how you can create a shortcut to clear clipboard on Windows 10.

So firstly, right click on an empty area of your desktop and then put your cursor on this option named “new” and then left click on this option named “shortcut”.

Create shortcut to clear clipboard on Windows 10

Then a new tab will open automatically which says “Which item would you like to create a shortcut for?” and you simply paste the following location:

%windir%\System32\cmd /c echo off | clip

Paste the following location as the shortcut

And then you click on next and then you can name the shortcut folder anything you wanna name it which is easy for you to remember. For the purpose of this guide, I’m simply gonna name the shortcut folder as “cmd”.

The name of the shortcut created for clearing your clipboard

You can also change the icon for your shortcut which you just created

What if you don’t like how the icon of the shortcut appears, as you know, it looks kinda boring, then you can change it easily.

Firstly right click on the shortcut and then go to “properties”.

Properties of the clipboard clearing shortcut file

Then left click on this option named “change icon”.

Click on the change icon option of the shortcut

After that, you will see a form underneath this title labeled as “Look for icons in this file:”

Underneath that, you will see the name of your file named as “%windir%\System32\cmd.exe” and you simply remove the entire filename from there.

The location of the shortcut file

And paste the following:


New file location for the clear clipboard shortcut

And then press “OK”. From there you can select any icon you like.

Select and change your icon for your clipboard clearing shortcut

Then left click on “OK” and then left click on “Apply” and then left click on “OK”.

So you can follow this step by step process and create yourself a shortcut to clear clipboard easily in Windows 10 and also change your icon at the same time.


You can check if it works by copying something on your computer. Either a small file or a line from a word document etc and then try pasting it somewhere, either in your notepad or in a word document etc. Then double-click on the shortcut file you just created to clear clipboard on your Windows 10 computer and check if you can paste it again. If you can’t, then the shortcut file works perfectly.

Clearing your clipboard in Windows 10 is quite easy and won’t take you more than a minute to do so.

Thank you so much for making it till the end and I hope this guide of ours helped you.

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