A full-depth article on finding your saved wifi password on windows 10

Having a difficult time trying to remember your saved wifi password? It’s not your fault if you forget it. You always have it saved on your PC or Laptop. Most people keep some long and hard to memorize passwords for their wifi networks to keep it secured. But they eventually forget it in a few weeks. I can relate as I have done the same thing multiple times (guilty).

Suppose you have your long distant cousin come over to visit you after years. He asks you for your wifi password and you are having a hard time to recall it or one of your new co-workers in your office asks you what the password is and you simply can’t remember it. In scenarios like these, you surely need a guide to help you out. Well, how on Earth do I actually find my saved wifi password? In this guide of ours, we are gonna show you step-by-step how you can find your saved wifi password on a Windows 10 PC in a matter of few minutes without having the need to memorize it. So let’s jump straight into the process.

Crack your saved wifi password using the control panel

Be sure to check if the wifi connection is working smoothly and remember the name of your wifi connection properly before starting the process.

Go to the taskbar menu and right click the wifi icon. After that left click on the “Open Network And Sharing Center” option and you will be taken to a new page.

right-click on the wifi icon then, go to the open network and internet settings option. (Finding your saved wifi password on windows 10)

Scroll a bit down and you will see this option named the “Network Sharing And Center”. Left click it and it opens up a new page.

The open network and sharing center option

You will see the name of your wifi connection appear. For example, Wi-Fi (The name of your connection). Left click on your connection and then you will see your wifi status page appear.


the name of your wifi connection

Then click on this option named “wireless properties”.

Finding you saved wifi password via the control panel (wireless properties)

After that, you will see two tabs, one labeled as “connection” and the other one as “security”.

Finding you wifi password on windows 10 (via the control panel)

You click on the security tab and then you will see this checkbox named “Show characters” just underneath the “Network Security Key” form.

Show wifi password (windows 10)

Tick the “Show characters” checkmark and you will see your password appear on the “Network Security Key” form. Your saved wifi password on your Windows 10 computer will automatically appear.

Find It Using The Command Prompt (CMD)

Go to search and type “Command prompt” or “cmd”. Right-click on the desktop app labeled as “Command Prompt” and then you will see this option named as “Run as administrator” and click on that. You will get a small warning from “User Account Control” while trying to access the command prompt and simply give it a “YES”.

Finding your saved wifi password using cmd (command prompt)

After that write the following command into the command prompt “netsh wlan show profiles”. Then you will see the list of all the wifi connections which connected to your computer.

Finding you saved wifi password using the cmd (netsh wlan show profiles)

You will also see the name of your wifi connection appear on the list. All you have to do after that is type the following command:

netsh wlan show profiles “The name of your wifi connection” (for example, the name of my wifi connection is Millennium and I wanna find my saved wifi password, I would type netsh wlan show profiles Millennium).

Finding your saved wifi connection password using cmd and the command netsh wlan show profiles "name of wifi connection"

After that type the following command into the command prompt:

netsh wlan show profiles “The name of your wifi connection” key=clear. After typing that command you will see your saved wifi password appear on the “Key content” line.

Your wifi password on the key content line on windows 10

Check it by Resetting your Router (Find your saved Wi-Fi password using the old school method)

So this is a different approach. You won’t get your saved wifi password tho but you can set up a new password through which you can access your wifi. You have to stay connected to your wifi connection tho if you want to implement this process (It’s a must). So without a further ado, lets jump straight into the process.

Firstly, you will see a tiny button or a hole in the back side of your router which is labeled as “reset“. You either insert a small safety pin if it’s a hole or either press the button (depends on the type of router you have). You press the button or either insert the pin approximately for a minute.

The reset button/option in your wifi router

Then you will see all the lights in your router flash up.

The lights of your wifi router will flash up

After that, you will check either the packaging or the labeling on the back side of your router which either has an IP address or a link to an admin panel. Where you have to type your username and password to access that special vault. For example, my router is manufactured by this brand named “TP-Link” and this is the address I have been taken to if I wanna reset my password (the address, the username, and the password were written on the back side of my router).

The admin panel of tp link routers

After you log into your admin panel, you either press the reset button or insert the pin inside it again. You will then successfully factory reset your router. Then you will have the get the opportunity to change your wifi name and password.

You may also ask your wifi service provider or leave a comment below if you need any sort of additional help


Your computer has a lot of mysteries hidden inside it even if you don’t about them. These are some quick and easy way to find your wifi connection’s password which you have signed into before and then you can use it for your personal reasons and can come in handy in the future for many different reasons in different scenarios. Getting a wifi password from someone to use it and share it with your friends can be a bit difficult as most people normally don’t wanna share it with other people. But once you get it signed into your device you have it saved on your computer and you can spread it with others. Either to find your school’s wifi connection and distributing it to friends, using your neighbor’s wifi and many more 

Checking your saved wifi password on Windows 10 is quick, easy and free. It won’t take you more than two minutes to find it out by following our step-by-step guide. If you have any additional problems while logging into your internet connection again and these methods aren’t coming handy then, You can call your service provider for further help and they can find you your saved wifi password. Let us know if you need any sort of help, I’ll surely give you a response.

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