A guide to help you turn off mouse acceleration on Windows 10

Turning off mouse acceleration on Windows 10 has been something which has been recommended by various professional esports gamers all over the world. So what on Earth is mouse acceleration on Windows 10 in the first place and why should you disable it?

So what on Earth is this feature? When you enable mouse acceleration, it is when the cursor of your mouse moves a greater distance when it’s moved quickly and a smaller distance when moved slowly. Your mouse cursor can move two, three or even five times more (depending on your mouse settings) although you move your mouse slightly. The thing is, there are thousands of different FPS (First Person Shooter) games in the market like Call Of Duty, Counter Strikes, Battlefield and the list goes on and on where you need to have a perfect aim while shooting your other opponents. Having it turned on for FPS gaming, in my opinion, is pretty awful and many esports professionals suggest to have an FPS gaming mouse with mouse acceleration turned off for a better gameplay experience.

Why Turn Off Mouse Acceleration On Windows 10?

So What happens when you turn off this feature? When you turn off mouse acceleration on your Windows 10 computer, you can then move your mouse depending on the natural speed and distance which you move in real life. If you move your mouse slowly, the slower the distance your cursor covers. If you displace your mice at a longer distance, the more the distance your mice moves etc. Having mouse acceleration turned off for FPS gaming is something which has been suggested by most professional gamers. As it helps you develop a muscle consciousness in your wrists. Your arm gets a trigger constantly. On how much you have to move your arms to get the perfect shot and aim. You can soon you master the technique of getting a perfect aim using this strategy.

So once you turn off mouse acceleration, your cursor moves depending on the speed and the distance at which you move your mouse making your movements more accurate and giving you the perfect experience of FPS gaming. This feature has been developed by Microsoft since it’s early ages and has been there ever since.

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Windows 10

So if you really wanna know how to turn off mouse acceleration on Windows 10, then we are gonna show you step by step in this guide of ours on how you can disable it in less than 5 minutes or so. So without a further ado, lets jump straight into the process.

The first thing you do is press your windows key on your keyboard. Then on the search form, search for “mouse settings”.

Mouse settings to turn off mouse acceleration on Windows 10

You will then see an additional new tab open up after clicking on the “mouse settings” option. Then click on this thing named “additional mouse options”.

Additional mouse options on mouse settings

After that, you will see another additional tab open up as “mouse properties”. In the mouse properties tab, you will see this another tiny option named as “pointer options” at the top. Click on that. Then you will simply uncheck this box next to it named with the labeling “Enhance pointer precision”. Then click on “Apply” and then on “OK”

Uncheck enhance pointer precision
Uncheck The Checkbox Beside Enhance Pointer Precision.

You Can Also Try This

The thing is that even if you disable mouse acceleration through your computer using this method. Microsoft still has a “small touch” of this feature on your computer and you still won’t be able to fully disable it. No matter what there will still be a little bit of mouse acceleration. To disable that as well, you can follow the following process.

So to fully turn off mouse acceleration you need to download a special registry file. So you download the file by clicking on this link here. Then your computer will automatically download a zip file. Then you open the file. You will only unzip and extract this “Windows 10 fixes” folder.

The Windows 10 fixes file

Then you open the unzipped folder you will see multiple files depending on the scale of your Windows 10 computer screen. You can check the scale of your screen by simply right clicking on an empty space of your screen and then go to “Display settings”. By default, the scale of your Windows 10 computer is normally set at a hundred percent.

Display settings on your Windows 10 computer
Right-click on an empty area on your Windows 10 screen and then left click on this option named “Display Settings”

So suppose the scale of your screen is at a hundred percent. Double click on the one hundred percent file and then click either on “RUN” or “YES” if you get any notifications/questions from the user account control or the registry.

Pick the right registry file to turn off mouse acceleration on Windows 10

If you face any problems, then you can also double check your “mouse driver” if you have mouse acceleration turned on there or not.

You can also click on the “default” file to reset everything again.

So by following these steps, you can turn off your mouse acceleration on Windows 10 completely.


Disabling mouse acceleration on Windows 10 is pretty easy. You can do it by following this process step by step and disable that feature in less than a minute. Personally, I think that disabling this feature for FPS gaming is truly a wise choice to make indeed.

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